US Headquarters: 20 Corporate Park, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92606

US Headquarters: 20 Corporate Park, Suite 100, Irvine, CA 92606

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We Provide Furnished Housing with Flexible Terms

Month2Month has been deeply involved in the housing rental market for many years and has become the first choice for discerning customers when choosing a temporary housing supplier. We are committed to creating high-quality, affordable temporary housing solutions for our global customers.

We provide diversified housing options. You can choose to stay away from the hustle and bustle and be surrounded by quiet and peaceful natural beauty. Alternatively, you can choose to plunge into the busy downtown and enjoy the endless convenience brought by urban development. No matter what choice you make, we are always with you to provide you with the best-furnished housing on the market that meets your personal needs.

No matter the purpose of your need for relocation housing, we all hope to have this honor to bring you to experience our diversified, high-quality, cost-effective furnished accommodation. Choose us; Month2Month will definitely bring you an unforgettable stay experience.

The Ultimate Housing Platform for Relocation Needs

Through our platform, you can easily manage everything about your relocation home. No matter if you want to find a perfect house for you and your family or want to arrange a door-to-door cleaning service, Month2Month is always here to help. Now, with just one click, thousands of houses from all over the world are at your fingertips and we have all kinds of services you may need at your disposal.

Our Standard for Our Services and Products

Customers' need for leasing terms may vary, but our standard for our service and products will always be the same. By providing the best housing inventory available on the market, and considerate and standardized services, Month2Month can remove obstacles for our guests when they need to be settled, allowing them to move into high-quality houses that meet their needs as soon as possible.

Month2Month meticulously builds every house for rent. We consider all aspects for the guests, so that the guests do not lack a sense of belonging because of temporarily leaving home. The lights in every corner represent our thoughtfulness to our guests, and the kitchen utensils in each set of cabinets symbolize our care for our customers. Month2Month firmly maintains that careful polishing of products means respect for customers and their lifestyles.

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Full Furnished Homes

Property Type

Single Family Homes that are furnished with all the comforts of home including a fully equipped kitchen, TVs, linens, Wi-Fi and utilities setup

Flexible Lease Term

Lease Term

Flexible leases starting at 30 days or longer

Home All Of The World


Growing rapidly and plans to have homes in every major State in the United States

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Professional service team on standby 24/7 to serve you

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About Us

Month2Month is a housing platform dedicated to providing our guests with fully furnished temporary single-family-homes on flexible lease terms starting at 30 days or longer. Because we exclusively manage all our homes in our portfolio, our guests can expect the very best in comfort and quality.

Insurance Relocation

We partner with a wide array of customers from the insurance housing and corporate housing industry to provide the very best service to their clients by responding to all inquiries in 30 minutes or less. We will even hold a home for 24-hours when using our portal so you may confirm the reservation for your clients.

Corporate Housing

Our homes offer corporations, hospitals, government agencies, and universities confidence in placing their employees in one of our beautiful homes when they are relocating, on temporary assignments or on special projects. We work with your employees by providing in-person or virtual tours, direct bill options and an attentive guest services team available throughout their entire stay.

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Month2Month is the best! They find our customer the perfect home with flexible lease terms in Rancho Cucamonga. The family was so relieved after the company told them they offer furnished single family homes with flexible lease terms.

Robert C. Lehman
Relocation Specialist

Month2Month helped our employees find their home away from home in Irvine. Roger was so helpful!

Faye E. Smith
Human Resource

Our guest was very happy with their stay in Chino.

Richard D. Sumner
Insurance Adjuster

Our executives were very happy with their stay with Month2Month. The property was very high quality and the service team was very responsive.

Donna B. Moses
Human Resource

Our Locations

With our ongoing expansion, Month2Month is rapidly growing a foothold throughout the United States. Our highly-professional team manages our furnished temporary homes in all our locations to provide you with the best products and services.

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