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Jiapeng village, Dali
  • Single Room

MUNWOOD LAKESIDE is located in Jiapeng village. Jiapeng village sits between Dali Old Town and Dali - Erhai Lake, is the smallest natural village in Dali - Erhai Lake and surrounded by unique natural landscape ---- Hercynian Wetland: where poplar and willow are flourishing, reed catkins fly in the air, water birds cruise in the lake, and sky and lake are blue and clear. The whole village is quiet and elegant and of a slow pace of life. Several exquisite inns are scattered along the coastline of wetland, where you can see the Erhai Lake sunrise in the morning and fall asleep in the evening in LAKESIDE.

DreamHouse where you can see the sunrise, slow down from the morning
“MUNWOOD” is located in the west coast of Erhai Lake. In the morning, you can lie on the bed to see the Erhai Lake sunrise and enjoy the glorious morning glow. Slow pace starts in the morning. Based on this design concept, in order to relize this idea that “to see the sunrise on the bed”, to allow guests not to miss the wonderful moment and to let the soul experience the happiness of “slow pace”, all guest rooms are extended towards the east of Erhai Lake in line. The face width of buildings is over 30m and the average face width of rooms is 6m, which ensure that each room has the best sight of the Erhai Lake sunrise. More than one thousand square meters of building area only have 13 rooms, each room is equipped with a large area of outdoor gray space , such as eaves, garden, balconies, large terraces. The distribution ratio of " MUNWOOD " gray space and interior area is up to 1: 1. From room and room terrace to room courtyard, each faces the lake with spring blossoms.

A century-old ancient tea tree stands in the center of water courtyard. Slow down from tree
On earth, the living of longest lifetime must be a tree. Her lifetime must be the longest, so she used to seeing the change in the world. Slow down, sit under a century-old ancient tea tree and drink Pu 'er Tea infused by leaves picked from the tree with the gene of time. In a trance, time is prolonged for one hundred year, just to let the century-old ancient tea tree to move here.
Therefore, we hold up a wooden platform of 1 zhang (10 ft) in one side of the water courtyard, just to let the century-old ancient Pu 'er tea tree to move here, from the shore to the wooden platform, there is only one stone in the water, in order to cross it, you have to slow down your pace. The Yunnan's tree accompanies Dali's lake, this tree must be her. When we are gone, let her accompany Erhai Lake to guard our “MUNWOOD”.

Stone, wood, brick, tile, green plants and light twine around “MUNWOOD” exquisitely, slow down from the actual building materials
In the city, what you can see is the gorgeous arrogance, but not the actuality of building materials. Therefore, we want to escape quickly. We want to build a “House” with actual materials: stones, wood, bricks and tiles. Let guests touch and experience actuality.
So we use the blue stones in Hercynian of Erhai Lake to build a stone wall of 40cm thickness, which starts from the soil, extends, and engages with the roof of angel's wing; we cut toon into planks and lay them in each room, some planks can form a large bed by moving upwards, and some planks extend to the upward side of house to form a loft, where you can see the Erhai Lake in the front and see the Cangshan mountain in the back. The warmth of wood will ease your tiredness for city; the tile is naturally laid to the roof. The herringbone roof looks like angel wings and each people is followed by an angel, our "MUNWOOD" should have an guardian angel; tea room bricked in the " MUNWOOD " is just covered with a layer of white paint, the trace of brick is visible, the 11 remaining branches are loath to throw, so we let them accompany the brick wall. Outside the north wall of each room, we pave a layer of carbonated wood grille, so that the creeper and the bougainvillea speetabilis can calmly climb, in the next year, the north wall will be covered with green leaves. After everything is done, in the bright sunlight of Dali, stones, wood, bricks, tiles and green leaves are alive, light and his shadow warm the hearts of the guests.

Modern facilities, slow down from comfort
In such comfortable sunshine and fresh breeze of Dali, it would be such a pity not to enjoy the nature. Live the best life within our ability.
Based on such attitude, the facilities in MUNWOOD are extremely complete. Such as intelligent closestool, constant-temperature shower screen, 80×80 pure cotton cloth grass, natural emulsion mattress with independent spring, soft down pillow and down quilt. You could simple pair your phone to the large-screen Mi TV and playback the wonderful moments your day. We use the comfort to define the high quality of slow life.

Green design and holding to original intention, slow down from heart
I love Erhai Lake, I love the sunshine of Dali, and I love the life in Dali. This is the original intention of us. We hold to the original intention and want the blessing from Erhai Lake, Cangshan mountain, land and local villager. We build “MUNWOOD”, but we do not hope to pollute this blessing, so we give a environmental friendly present to land.
The MUNWOOD is small, but it is equipped with 10-ton reclaimed water treatment systems, which are up to millions. so that “no sewage will be drained into Erhai Lake”. By self-purification and recycling, the treated water will be used as the scenic water in water courtyard and to irrigate green plants and flowers. We also open up a small wet land and plant aquatic plants. The staff in MUNWOOD will be the local farmer, so as to maintain the environmental protection of social ecology. Only if Erhai Lake is blue and Cangshan mountain is green, the “MUNWOOD” will develop well and be good from heart.


1 Any amount paid by Guest, excluding the service fee, will be refunded if the booking is cancelled more than 60 days prior to the check-in date.

2 Half of the full payment, excluding the service fee, will be refunded if the booking is cancelled between 30 to 60 days prior to check-in date.

3 No refunds will be issued if the booking is cancelled less than 30 days prior to check-in date.


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